Money Is Not Everything, but It Helps

Here is what we can get with money:

Stuff. Obviously.



Lifestyle and comfort

More money by investing what you got

Time by getting someone else to do the work for you.

Freedom to do whatever you want or to not do anything

Peace of mind knowing that your life’s expenses are covered.

Health by lowering stress and hiring help if one is not still at the point of no return

Fake admirers. You’ll only know they are fake if you lose your money. But be sure that you have them if your wealth is public knowledge.

Expertise by getting top experts in any field to teach you. Like Jesse Itzler hired David Goggins to teach him about fitness and endurance.

Credibility. Hire a PR agency, go on TV and in the media, and get a top ghostwriter to write a book for you. Invest $100,000 to hit the NYT bestsellers list

What else will you add?

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