Get a Second Set of Eyes on Your Work

Getting a pair of trained eyes on your work is one of the best things you can do. 

You may not use all the ideas, but it will allow you to open yourself up to dimensions you didn’t consider.

It makes you wiser and more creative for the next time.

This is even more important for areas where stakes are high business, job, career, and life.

Because of the high cost, you cannot afford to make mistakes in these areas.

That’s why find someone whose opinion and advice you trust.

Engage them professionally, where professional projects are involved.

For personal life, someone invested in your happiness and well-being will be good for observation and second opinion.

An entrepreneur friend asked me, “What are the ways to get the pair of eyes?”

Posting what I shared with him.

“Identify what is important to you. 

Explore who is good at it. Ask if they will be willing to help. 

Then it’s just logistics: asking enough people, ensuring values and budget/fee match.

Start with a few small engagements and see if they can show/tell you something you didn’t know/see.”

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