Challenges of the Modern Mind

The modern mind is constantly fighting a battle against information overload.

It is not the mind’s natural state or a natural territory. Even then mind needs to navigate this territory while the person within whom the mind lives, continues to exert and make an attempt to survive and grow.

The smart ones among us focus on learning. But there is so much to learn from. That’s a problem. Those who figure out a solution to this problem are in for a big win.

Here is how you can tackle this situation,

  • Identify high-quality sources for your learning. 
  • Read books over articles
  • Pay money to top people in your industry to learn from them
  • Hire people or a team to curate and filter knowledge for you. Think of yourself as the president of the US and learn to trust the knowledge and instinct about what matters of those who act as your filter
  • Keep sometime every week for spontaneous discovery to make sure that you are not creating indestructible walls around you.

What else will you add to this list?

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