Creating Memories Vs Capturing Them

I recently hosted an event and noticed how we care so much about capturing memories, that we don’t immerse ourselves in the experiences that create those memories.

Often times, our intention behind creating certain memories is to just capture them so that we can tell the world that we created them. It does not matter much if we even cared about creating them in the first place.

That is why we go to fancy eating places, parties or events where we actually did not want to be. We do it because we’ll get to take a picture doing what is considered cool, or with someone who we consider cool.

Does it mean that capturing memories is not important?

It is. But not as important as experiencing a particular moment. So, what do we do? Do we ignore capturing moments? No, we can have our cake and eat it (too). How? We do it by leaving the task of capturing memories to someone else. At least for the major personal and professional events.

And, in other situations keep a good part for creating and experiencing memories and only a fraction to capture them.

What if you are a professional creator, someone like a vlogger who captures memories for a living? Even then keep a part of your life which you are just experiencing and not capturing. A part where you are not doing things or going to places because they are capture worthy.

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