The Million Dollar Website Gameplan: How To Build a 100 Article Site and Use It To Create a $100K/Month Business, Even if You Launched Your Site Yesterday

Do you have a site with low domain authority?

And you are working in a super competitive space?

Then to grow your site’s visibility and increase its earning potential, create high-quality and link-worthy content assets.

The Million Dollar Site Gameplan

This is not for those who want to make money off of their content, but for those who run a software product or a service-based business.

Solving the biggest issue for new site owners – Discovery

The biggest problem for a new site (owner) is that there are no search rankings, and without them, users can’t find what you do.

You can run ads to find new visitors, but it costs a lot and most business owners can’t afford them in the early days of building their business.

The only way around is if other sites or people link to your site. That way, others can find your site via a link to an article they are reading while browsing or researching.

But why will someone link to your site?

You’ll have to give a reason to them to link to you. It’s a two-part process.

  1. Create a high-quality content asset, as per the user intent for a keyword, 
  2. Create backlinks by reaching out to those who have linked to a similar resource in past

What content to create?

To increase the footprint of our content assets, it’s wise to create content assets on topics with 1000+ links.

For example, if you reach out to 1000 web admins or site owners, you’ll get ten backlinks assuming a 1% conversion rate. With quality outreach, the conversion rate can be 3% or more.

Over time, if you build 100 content assets with topics that have similar link profiles (1000+ links) and do the same kind of outreach, you can build 1000 links to your site.

If you get just one visit per day from such a link, you’ll get 1000 visits per day or 30,000 visits per day to your site.

Given that these are organic visits, they will quickly build trust for our brand. If you convert 5% of these visitors to be on your email list, you are looking at 1500 new subscribers every month.

With a 3% conversion for a low ticket product ($50), you are looking at 45 customers every month, and with a 0.5% conversion rate for a high ticket product ($1k+), you’ll be looking at seven customers every month

So, with just 100 right content assets on our site, you can build an engine that, with both low and high ticket offers, will result in $10k/month on autopilot. 

And that is just a start. Over time, we’ll build organic traffic that will add to these numbers, and $20-30k/month will be in sight within six months of hitting $10k/month.

Please note that I have gone with super conservative estimates.

  • One visit per link/day
  • 5% conversion for a visit to email (this is the non-conservative estimate, as this conversation rate varies between 2-9% usually though can go higher for brands that people love.
  • 3% conversion rate email to low ticket sale
  • 0.5% conversion rate for an email to high ticket sale

And, with some improvement in each stage, the numbers can be much higher than $10, 20, or 30k/month and well around the $50k/month mark in 18-20 months.

If you get 2 visits per day per link, then you can grow to $100k/month in the same time span.

All this happens when you start doing step 2, i.e., actively building links to content assets we produce. Until you are ready to deploy resources towards that, focus on step 1, i.e., build the right kind of content assets.

Please understand we want to create link-worthy and those content assets may not be your standard Top of the Funnel (TOFU) or Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) assets that will result in a sale directly.

The goal of your link-worthy asset is to just attract links and visitors to your website, who will end up looking at your website and your offers and some of them will become your customers.

What are link-worthy content assets?

Here are some themes that you can use to come up with your link-worthy content topics.

  • Tools and calculators, 
  • Trends-based posts,
  • Posts based on statistics, studies, and research (like Backlinko + Buzzsumo)

These are the kind of content others will want to link to.

So build the list of your topics. Then use a tool like SEMRush to come up with topics that have a 1000 or higher page 1 backlinks. This will make sure that for every piece of content you create, you’ll have 1000 or more websites to reach out to for a link.

Even if your conversion rate for getting backlinks is low (in the 1-3% range), you will still get 10 to 30 backlinks per piece of content.

If you want to be more aggressive with this approach, create a 300-page site (100 articles every year for three years) and follow the same approach and you’ll build a million dollar a year revenue site/business within 3 years.

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