10 Steps to Finding Success in Your Creator Journey

1. Start, even if you aren’t ready

2. Learn and ask for help when and if you get stuck

3. Honor time, don’t waste it on mindless pursuits

4. Build in public, and share what you are learning, making, and your failures. This will help build a community around your work

5. Don’t wait to sell what you make for too long. If people don’t pay in the beginning, give it away for free in exchange for testimonials or permission to send emails, etc

6.  When selling stuff, focus on one offer and make it the best you can by improving often

7. Connect with other creators who are at a similar place in the creator journey or those who are slightly ahead of you. Ask those who are ahead of you for help. It will make your journey easier. Cheer for those at the same level as you. These friendships will come in handy when you move further ahead in your journey

8. Partner with these creators for added visibility and faster growth

9. If consulting, don’t be afraid to ask for top dollars. Of course, increase gradually and match it to the value your offer

10. Step back from time to time, identify what you need to go to the next stage, and then undertake deliberate practice to improve

Bonus: Find what you like doing, your zone of genius, and devote yourself to working in that zone most of the time. It makes your journey fun. 🙂

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