The Middle Path Price

Do you want to sell online?

Then don’t sell your product the cheapest because the race to price cheaper than your competition is the race to the bottom.

Don’t sell it at the most expensive price, because then you go into space where luxury players play. To play that game you’ll have to create an exquisite product, invest a lot to reach the right buyers and then invest a ton of time and money to communicate the luxury positioning of your brand and why they should care.

Do sell at a price that is not the cheapest and also not the costliest but somewhere in the middle. Offer a product that is high quality, affordable, and a joy to buy. Price it so that it allows for enough profits to invest in building a brand, create exemplary buyer and customer service experience, and getting the word out by working with select ‘influencers’.

The smartest move you can make is to choose a product that allows you to follow this approach.

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