Front Loading Action

By front-loading action:

You procrastinate less.

You don’t get stressed because of open to-dos and impending deliverables.

You create fulfilling business relationships.

It starts with a mindset change.

You go from ‘later’ to ‘now’ mindset.

When you make this change, whenever you get a task, you choose to do it now, instead of putting it off for tomorrow or next week.

You don’t need to worry about making it perfect when you work on it the first time. You can come back and improve later.

You just start and make it good enough, before new responsibilities bog you down and you come so close to the deadline that you rush to finish it or decide to not do it at all. 

When you adopt this mindset and get into the habit of doing it now, you don’t have to worry about the deadline. You do it even when the deadline is one month away.

To adopt this mindset you often need to put work before leisure.

This is a difficult choice but worth it when you take into account the time and mental energy you’ll save that you otherwise will spend worrying about something that you need to do before a specific date. This approach will also create a space in your life to do proactive creative work, and make it possible for you to have fun without worrying about pending work. 

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