How I Measure The Success Of My Personal Growth Experiments?

I am a sucker for growth.

That’s why I run my monthly self-growth experiments and try to improve my life in a little way every month.

I know doing something every day is important if you want to make it a habit for life. That’s why I have been meditating for the past 5 years regularly including a 1200+ day streak.

But I also believe in starting small even for big goals, and run and measure my monthly experiments in a different way.

For my experiments, I choose a part of my life that I want to fix, or if I want to attempt something new. 

If I am able to stick to what I chose to do or not do for 21 days out of 30/31 days in a month, I call it acing the experiment.

If I stick to it for 12 days then I considered myself pass, but on the boundary. Anything less means I need to work more on it.

This gives me room to keep my other daily habits going, while allowing to skip on occasion. I get the best of both worlds because I am able to take it easy on days while also adding a new habit to my life.

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