Don’t Deplete Your Reserves Too Much

A lot of work once in a while never killed anybody.

But if you do it every day for a long time, you’ll not be at your productive best and burn out for sure.

Testing your limits in workout also works the same way. It is ok if you are competing in professional sports or chasing a muscle-building goal. But when you do that you need a lot more time to recover also.

If you workout to remain fit and active then you do not need to test your limits every day. Being regular and making your heart beat a little faster is fine. You’ll still see the benefits without wearing yourself, and still, have lots of energy to do what you do during the day.

Same goes for spending your money. Going over budget one day is ok but if you do it every day you’ll be in red soon.

Take too much without giving enough and relationship can come on the brink of failure.

So the message for today is that too much is ok once in a while. But don’t do it so often, for so long or so much that you’ll have to spend too much energy, emotions or time to recoup your losses. Or even worse reach a point where you are no longer able to recover.

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