5 Steps to Marketing Your Service or Coaching Business

Delivering transformations is the most important for the success of a coaching business.

Marketing it well is the next important thing you can do for growing your coaching or service business.

Here are five simple but effective ways to do it.

1/ Know your customer and their pains

The best way to do it is to talk to many of them. 50 is a good number. You don’t have to do it in 1 day. Do it over a month or two.

2/ Solve a part of their problem, for free.

Do it with a downloadable resource, webinar, or email series. Make your free stuff so good that they become interested in what you sell. Continue sharing more free stuff. Share what you know. If you don’t know much yet, learn and share what you learn.

3/ Come up with an outcome-driven offer.

An offer that takes your audience forward from where they reached with the help of your free resource. Even if you are keen to build a course, help one or more people live first.

4/ Build relationships.

While you help a small group of customers, get in touch with those who have an audience you want to serve. Build relationships and partner with them to teach their audience with a free workshop. You can also take their help to promote your free source to their audience. Build your audience email list using this approach. The more you partner, the bigger your list gets.

5/ Offer a group coaching program to those on your initial audience list.

Onboard your first group coaching clients. Teach and solve the problem that you identified in step 1 and get their feedback to improve your course. Also, get their testimonials.

Continue building partnerships (step 5), and leverage testimonials to grow your audience and offer your program to this ever-increasing audience.
The more you do it, the bigger and better the visibility for you and your work becomes. Better visibility means easier sales and more business.

Isn’t it what most business owners want?

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