Don’t Ignore Mental Tiredness

Physical work tires us so much that we have no choice but to take a break.

It is hard to ignore.

But for most of us, most work is mental work.

And, we tend to ignore mental tiredness, unlike when we are physically tired.

We use stimulants like caffeine to keep our minds going for a little more time than usual.

It is ok if we do this once in a while. But making it a habit is not healthy.

Over time, we need to increase the dosage of stimulants for them to be effective, and we don’t even realize when we have gone from one cup of coffee to two, three, and more.

To keep ourselves awake and continue our brain working, we drink more coffee than what is healthy and even our cognitive functions are not at the level as they could not have been if we rested our mind enough.

Don’t ignore mental tiredness because it can cause more damage than one can imagine.

So, schedule regular breaks, and stop before you are totally exhausted.

Because some great ideas and results await your fresh mind.

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