6 Mantras That Keep Me Going and Grounded

1. Movement is life, stagnation is death

That’s why I make sure that I do something to remind myself that I am moving every day. Like writing this blog, moving my body, or doing something that makes me uncomfortable.

2. We are minuscule in the bigger scheme of things

The cosmos is enormous, and it is almost impossible to wrap our heads around just how large, how many, and how far different celestial bodies are from us. And to imagine, we are one of the billions of people on a small planet in the solar system, which is part of the Milky Way galaxy, a small part of the cosmos. We are that small, are here for such a short time, just to play our part, or to play as per nature’s rules, which was here before us and will be here billions of years after we are gone.

3. Despite our small size, we can do things beyond anyone’s imagination

This is where it makes sense to look at creators who made things used by millions of people every day and founders who are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and whose companies will be worth trillions in the future. By looking at them, we can strengthen our belief that human potential is only limited by our creativity, how big we can think, and what we can trade-off to realize our vision.

4. Every day is a new day, an opportunity to build and start something new

Yesterday, whether it was good or bad, is gone. And today, we have an opportunity to make magic. We can do wonderful things if we live mindfully and be present with our creative force in those 24 hours.

5. Everything that we see in the world today was once an idea that someone took action on

I want to be the person who takes action on my ideas. Because you never know what would come out of the ideas you act on.

6. True growth and happiness come from thinking and doing things beyond ourselves

We may be after millions and billions, but we don’t need much to live and enjoy life. And even when resources grow, it’s not fun if you don’t have anyone to share life’s bounty.

Do you have values, principles, or a mantra that keeps your going?

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