11 Ways To Make the Most of the New Year 2023

1/ Focus your energy on a limited number of goals.

2/ Find a balance between intensity and rest.

3/ Change your inner world. It makes your outer world brighter.

4/ Use your small wins to energize yourself on an ongoing basis.

5/ Increase your circle of influence to attract better opportunities.

6/ Commit to daily movement. It will help with nurturing a healthy mind.

7/ Say no to whatever. Don’t generate a ‘hell yeah’ response in your gut.

8/ Find daily actions that will move the needle. Then do them every day.

9/ Fast-forward learning by learning from the source. Read books, take courses and get advice.

10/ Fix your routine, especially sleep. both the quality, the time you spend, and when you sleep. 

11/ Create a routine when you ‘do the work’ without unnecessary rituals, focusing on doing what is essential for you.

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