The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Creators

Never before in our lifetime the entry barriers for creators have been so low.

If we don’t take advantage of this, there is no one to blame. 

The opportunity is so big and within everyone’s reach that it would be foolish not to go after it for those who can.

These opportunities are all around us.

But may not be visible to those who are not in the game.

So to be able to see it get in the game.

There are many doors to enter.

Enter through the one that entices you.

Inspired by a YouTuber, start with YouTube.

Fascinated by an artist sharing on Instagram, start there.

Motivated by a wordsmith, creating in public does the same on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Find what motivates you – money, fame, learning, connections, or many of these – and do it for that reason.

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