You Won the Lottery, Now Make It Worth It

You and I are part of those who are alive today.

More than 150,000 people did not make it.

Because these many people die every day.

We are lucky that we are alive and kicking.

How can we make it worth it?


Working on our dreams.

Spending time with those who matter to use, and for whom we matter.

Sharing your resources with those you need them.

Living by being fully present.

Doing what serves your today and also tomorrow.

Doing what serves you and others.

Realizing how small we are and still acting as if you matter.

Making someone smile.

Reducing the misery of one person even if for a moment.

Loving ourselves despite all the faults and shortcomings.

Living today as if it is the first day of our new life, it is.
What will you add to this list?

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