10 Lessons Learned as a Creator, Entrepreneur, and a Human

1/ Don’t give your tired self to important people in your life. They deserve your best energy. So spend some time with them, when your energy is fresh and bright.

2/ Learning leads to gain, so learn first before worrying about gains.

3/ Experts who can sell are unstoppable. And, selling is easy when you can’t stop talking about what you are selling. Use your expertise to make or work on something like that.

4/ When we are in the middle of a problem, it often looks too hard to solve. By stepping back and looking at it from a different perspective, the same problem looks manageable.

5/ Always think about why you are doing what you are doing. When you have a strong reason to do something, challenges won’t deter you as much as if you didn’t.

6/ You can do almost anything in the world if you can break it up into small tasks. With one condition – you must understand what each task is or get someone else to do it for you.

7/ Creating content on the internet = Leadership at scale. A single piece of content can establish your name among your audience. To get to that piece, you may have to create 100-1000 pieces of content, depending on how good you are when you are starting.

8/ Don’t worry, no one is thinking about what you do or how you do it because everyone else is busy with their life as you are.

9/ “Just do it.” “Act now, think later.” These are great slogans and action phrases. That doesn’t mean everyone should do it like this. Do it this way, if you are just getting started, and see if it sticks. But if you are further ahead in the journey, think more before you act.

10/ Those who win are not special. They win because they act on their ideas despite fear, get help to solve their challenges, and be in the game long enough.

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