Lessons from the Life of Richard Branson

For past week or so, I was thinking of finishing Screw It, Let’s do it by Richard Branson. Finally, last night I sat down and finished reading it.

I have been a voracious reader for many years now. But this book has to be my most interesting read in recent times. It has everything I like – a wildly successful entrepreneur, his life’s true tales and words of motivation. The key takeaways are listed below;


– Believe it can be done, Have Goals,
– Have Faith in Yourself, Prepare Well, Never Give Up


– Life live to the full, Have Fun, work hard and money will come
– Don’t waste time and grab your chances
– When it is no fun, move on
– Have positive outlook on life

BE BOLD (but do not gamble)

Calculate the Risks and Take them

This was a big surprise for me. Because most of us think that Richard is like a gambler who bet big on opportunities and got lucky. But he suggests taking calculated risk.

He cited an instance from the Reality show The Rebel Billionaire he made in 2004. In the final episode Richard offered the winner Shawn Nelson, a cheque for a million dollars or an option to toss a coin for an even bigger prize. Shawn after a long thought took the cheque.

To appreciate Shawn’s calculated risk taking approach Richard Branson made him president of Virgin (200 companies) for 3 months. This is the value Richard attaches to calculated risk taking approach.

– Have no regrets
– Keep your word


– Aim high,
– Try new things, and always try


– Rely on yourself,
– Chase your dreams but live in the real world,
– Work together


Enjoy the moment

This reasserts the fact that core success principle remains the same whether you are in east or west. Enjoying the moment or living in the present moment is at the core of any meditation and Indian philosophy. When you are living in present you are in the state of constantly meditation.

I have experienced this in my life that by living in present moment you conserve energy, stay focused and make best use of your time.

– Reflect on your life
– Make ever second count
– Don’t have regrets


– Put family and team first
– Be loyal
– Face problems head on
– Money is for making things happen
– Pick the right people and reward talent


– Be polite and respectful
– Do the right thing
– Keep your good name
– Be fair in all your dealings

He shares the motto of his life as, “Never do anything if it means you can’t sleep at night.”


– Change the world even if a small way
– Make a difference and help others
– Do no harm
– Always think what you can do to help

This book has provided me right perspective on many things. I wish that you read it and it does the same for you.

If you are keen on knowing more about Richard and his adventures in details. Checking out this link would be a good idea.

Have Fun!


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