Less than perfect

not_perfectNothing is perfect.

There is no perfect marketing plan, no perfect start up. There is (rarely) a dream debut; that is why it is called (dream) debut.

To break in a new field you may need to make a less than perfect start. This is the simplest way to do it. Give yourself room to fumble. Do not plan to fumble but it is OK if you do.

A crisp strategy document starts with a brainstorm. Initially it is about lots of ideas than a perfect idea. A world-class website starts with some random scribbles on a sheet of paper, with a wire-frame may be.

I do it regularly, almost every day here at www.mohitpawar.com through my writing. The intent is to create remarkable content, sowing the seeds of world-class. I spend time thinking what may be useful for readers and take time to create. Enriching myself with solace and company of remarkable people; being with loved ones — everything runs in the background. This is what feeds the creation. I am writing this to open a little window for you into my world.

Keep an eye on your destination

You may begin anywhere – if you have your destination in sight or at least in mind.

You arrive when you start and then keep on moving. Keep your eyes on remarkable and start with what you have right now.

Sometimes you start while sitting on your couch or in your work seat. You make a call to make a beginning. A new client relationship starts with an initial interface — directly or a referral and then you take steps to move forward to actually get the business — payment and delivery follows.

The big stage performance starts with a small one. Your school drama may take you on to Broadway. If you want to become a paid professional speaker, start with a presentation to your company colleagues or better as a kid talking to family and friends in your living room. Most of us as kids have done that.

A dream job often starts with a small internship.

You want to find your life’s passion, start by doing what you drift to all the time. That is how I found mentoring and writing. It started with close friends and then the circle of influence grew.

You want to run a big corporation, start by doing freelance stuff. No point waiting for the million dollar opportunity. It may come your way and it may not. Chances are that it will not come your way; you will have to go find it. A small freelance gig may be your start.

If you want to develop a relationship, sweet and strong — start with small acts of kindness. Love and giving, works more than any method in a relationship.

Never underestimate what may lie next.

Want to write a book, start with writing an article, a paragraph may be. This may be the beginning of your New York Times bestseller.

Want to build an excellent resume or a strong LinkedIn profile, start by delivering small bits of excellence — month after month, year after year. Keep in sight what you want as final outcome. Do you want to get funding for your next project; do you want to make more connections or a better job?

Make a plan. Thinking about what elements will make your resume well-rounded and then work on acquiring those. One day you may start as a rookie but if you keep adding achievements even small ones to your resume; people will look at you as an EXPERT, willing to associate with you.

Do not worry about failures.

Worry about not starting.

A failure is an experience. Take the lessons from the experience and move on. For a start-up mistakes may be — charging really low or overcharging. May be the start-up did not communicate the benefits to the existing clients to keep them and to convert the prospects. May be better financial control would have helped or a more aggressive customer acquisition.

What are you waiting for? Are you scared to fall?

A workable approach. Measure the fall (what is at stake) and move ahead. If you are convinced that you can take the risk, jump. If you fall, you can start again and soon you will reach the destination or an important milestone. Even if you reach there with some bruises but it will be worth it.

Your destination may be a stage in a packed coliseum-like setting — with you on the stage talking to more people than you have ever seen at one place. When you finish people will clap for you; because you would have delivered value; not perfect but good enough to touch the heart of people,  admiration of those who matter to you; and moreover you will have the satisfaction of not wasting the wonderful gift called life.

But before you get to fill coliseum or the stadium you will need to make a start — less than perfect; you would also have fallen and stood up on numerous occasions.

Get going. I would like you to reach your coliseum. It will be a joyous moment for me and those who love you when you will take the walk – reach and share your success with me and everyone else.

Are you waiting for the perfect start or have you already started moving in the direction of your dreams?

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  1. Ranjani Jha

    Dear Mohit,

    Really a very good article that teaches me in wide spectrum. Internet Marketing is a puzzle for me, as I do not know my destination or what should be. I want to start things, but do not know from where to start with. Please clarify my doubts.

    Thank you.

  2. Mohit Pawar

    Dear Ranjani, Thanks for liking. Your feedback and love motivates me to create more.

    Internet marketing is a mix of two words – internet + marketing.

    To start – grasp the concepts of marketing. Simultaneously work on learning about the medium – internet.

    Observe – how global brands are doing it online. Look at big brands that have web at their core Amazon, Facebook, Google, Mint (recently acquired by Intuit) – take a special look at Zappos (now a part of Amazon);local online business – stores like Infibeam, Flipkart.

    Also explore how brands with physical outlets (stores); how they are pushing their products– Starbucks, McDonald’s. Look at local airline brands, TV channels like MTV.

    Explore their websites (that is their home base) – what you like about it. Note it down, explore further.

    Later think about your own interaction with brands.

    – What are the websites, online services you often visit?
    – How long you spend on each of these websites?
    – Why you visit? Likely for a benefit, what is this benefit?
    – Is there a gap in what you desire and what the website offers? This gap is an opportunity for an online marketer.

    Start with your email client (Gmail). There were email clients before it (yahoo, hotmail) why you use Gmail?

    Start by observing. How other brands are doing it. The success or global brands Gmail, facebook, Twitter has been documented well.

    Best then will be to practice what you learn with a real brand.

    3 words – observe (what brands are doing on the web), record (what you observe and what you think can be done better), practice (with a real brand).

    Hope this helps in making a beginning.

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