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girl_lookingMaya started her day as always. She woke up, went through the morning routine, ate breakfast — toast and a cup of tea; wore a black top, a black and white striped skirt; hopped on to the company bus and started the journey towards her office. This has been her weekday morning routine now for close to 3 years, that’s how long she has been with her current employer.

On this 50 minutes journey she sometimes sleeps. If not sleeping she listens to music. She rarely talks to her fellow colleagues. Yesterday she went to bed early and did not feel the need to sleep. Listening to Bryan Adams’ “Cloud Number Nine” she noticed a billboard announcing the 2011 collection of her favorite designer brand.

She did not think much about the designer collection. Only thing that stuck with her today that year 2010 is coming to an end.

Not long back – around same time last year she thought of things she will do in New Year — not a resolution or something but a thought about working on her unfulfilled dreams — many small — like learning Salsa, spending more time with her loved ones and significant ones like opening a Kennel store that she has always wanted to do.

And now the year is coming to an end. Wishes were there but the realities of life took over. Projects to finish, catching up on lost sleep, at times it was simply procrastination and losing sight of the goals.

Whatever the reason — it meant another year of unfulfilled dreams for her, like most of us. We think of doing a lot of things and often end up doing nothing or doing little of what we want to do.

Time and its nature

Time and tide waits for none.

We all have read this quote but how many of us truly realize and utilize this quote for our benefit.

Years come and go. 2011 is knocking at our doors. It was not long back when we welcomed 2010 with open arms. Even if some of us did not, it became a reality in our lives. Similarly whether we would like it or not we will soon enter 2011. A new year for all of us.

New Year as a trigger

For all practical purposes, every day is a new beginning. It is an opportunity for all us to contribute, love and find satisfaction in things that we value.

A new year is only a bigger trigger and alarm about taking note of things that need to be made better and also to measure which way the ship of life is headed.

It is also a suitable time frame to measure progress.

The way things are

Things may not be as you want them to be. You want them to be better. OK. What are you doing about it? This is the most important question you may ask yourself.

There is a line between being content and being indifferent to the situation. Being content means fine as you are; but it is not an excuse not to indulge in conscious thought and action. Each one of us ought to engage in conscious endeavor to improve his or her condition.

Take a moment

Think about how you are leading your life?

Are you happy with the way things are moving. Cool. Don’t fix that isn’t broken.

If you are not then you ought to take action to improve. It is about your job, financial situation, the way you look or an unfulfilled desire. Something you want to do with your relationships.

Being unsatisfied with things that are not working your way is a natural response. Working on to improve the situation is not. You need to make a choice, decide to act and then actually act.

Some thoughts about improving various areas of your life. No theory, some starting points.

Attitude. Standing for what you feel is right.

Relationships. Respect, love and communicate.

Money. Earn more, spend less.

Unfulfilled desire. What is stopping you? (Write it down and remove one challenge at a time). Do not wish going back in time chances of that being fulfilled are bleak 🙂

Work. Focus on providing value, do not worry about who gets the credit, and create a portfolio of your work where you can point people to.

Take stock, look ahead, plan and action

Things are right or maybe they need to be made better. You decide.

Life and work are interrelated still putting them of different page will help.

Write what has gone right in 2010 and give yourself a pat on back.

Write down how your ideal 2011 will be. Give space to life, work, money, health, and relationships — everything that is important.

Make a plan. For some starting with lists works better others like writing it in paragraphs. Work the way it suits you. A better idea is to devote a sheet of paper each (10-20 lines). And then list action that will be required to make this a reality.

Spread this action across the year. There are some dreams which can be made possible within a couple of months, give each thing relevant time frame.

Practice and perform

Think of 2011 as your big stage moment. How will you plan to perform your best?

Remaining months in 2010, use them to fix what needs fixing. Do you want to get into a better routine than you have been on? Start it now and arrive at something which works fine with your lifestyle. Read, explore, experiment. At times your lifestyle may need a total overhaul. Try 4×4 if it works for you.

Your days make up weeks, months and eventually year. Focus on this unit to improve how you will spend the year.

The best strategy will be not to cram up your days with lots of activities. Focus on simple. A simple morning routine — a simple to-do list for the day — 2-4 items (with one most important item for the day) and even simpler evening routine. Of morning and evening — use one each to focus on nourishing body and mind.

You can take care of soul by being true to yourself. Do what you really want to do and by removing veils if there are any from your persona.

Keep couple of exclusive hours to work on creating a fat wallet.

Measure your success, rinse and repeat.

It is your life you decide

Do you want to network more or cut social life and focus on those who have been craving to be with you?

It is a good idea to balance by living fully in present and also working on creating a bright future.

Live life to the fullest – each day of current year — and make actionable plans to move ahead positively in 2011; if you can bring along some people on the journey of your growth, better. Start with yourself. I am also going to do the same.

What are your plans for 2011?

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