7 Learning Rituals for Entrepreneurs.

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To grow in your entrepreneurial pursuits you need to learn new things and also gain insights about what has been working in past for others.

Experience is not enough. Experience in general sense can mean, passing through years and doing what you are supposed to do.

If really want to grow yourself and your venture, you need to be proactive about learning and invest time and money for it. You have already started because you are reading this. That is good. Now do better, make learning part of your life.

It makes sense if there is a method to the madness. Two things you can do about your learning.

Make time for it.  You may not have time for it but you should make time – if you really want to move head.

Put aside money. To get quality learning you need to pay at times. You should not miss on it for lack of funds. So it makes sense to build a small learning fund and add a little to this fund every month. Use this fund and make it a point to invest in your learning every quarter.

Here Is How to Learn on a Budget?

1. Books are the best way to start. A good book is condensed version of an expert’s knowledge on a topic. I will soon be sharing a list of books that entrepreneurs should read.

2. Talk to people. Those who have done it can also help you.

3. Read blogs. Read but not too many. It is not the best use of your time while you are building a business. Spend no more than 2-3 hours a week on it. Pick 2-3 blogs that you like, that’s it. Learn to use feeds. This saves your time in reading blogs.

4. Leverage Online Learning. Learn via online video at places like Lynda and Team TreeHouse. This will cost you not more than $50 a month. Just subscribe and a world of learning will be at your fingertips.

Not So Cheap Ways to Learn.

5. Attend Seminars: Attending seminars is another good way but not the best (it is too much money for learning, good for networking though).

6. Training Programs: Instead take training programs / workshop on your chosen topics at places like SkillShare and General Assembly.

7. Get an advisor: Get someone who has done it and been there as a mentor/guide or a consultant. Offer to pay to someone who is good. Their time is valuable.

Action for the day: Identify a way to learn and start with it today.

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