5 Steps To Successfully Launch a Course Without a Huge Audience

Everyone starts without an audience.

And there is only one way to build it.

Work at it.

Here is how you can do it, and use the audience you build to launch your first course.

1/ Research

Read Amazon reviews, search social feeds and talk to people about their pain points and what’s missing in the books they are reading and courses they are taking.

2/ Share

What you know and learn on the web, if you have even a small audience. If you don’t have an audience, do it to build your audience. Share tweetstorms, checklists, short videos, and video tutorials.

3/ Email

Email – Move your audience to email by sharing prompts to join your list. Give consistent value so they start trusting you. It is easy to start one using Substack if you don’t want to worry about the tech. Use Mailchimp if you want a custom look for your email.

4/ Free Workshops

Invite people on your email list to your free workshops. Give them value by sharing WHAT you’ll teach in your course and at the end ask them to join your course, where you’ll share the HOW part of what you taught them in your free workshop. So, if your course is about using Digital PR to Grow Your Startup and Raise Funds, your free workshop can be about Digital PR 101 with examples of startups that used digital PR to increase visibility and raise funds.

5/ Teach for Success

Teach your course to alleviate the pain your course members are experiencing and once they achieve the outcome they are seeking, gather testimonials to launch to a bigger audience with proof that what you teach works. It will make it easier to onboard new learners in your course, with each subsequent group.

Good luck launching your first course.

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