How To Achieve Big Goals and Not Perish in the Process


I love them.

They give us energy and focus.

But big goals can be a burden.

More so if our only goal is to achieve our big goals.

There are two ways we can achieve our big goals without undue stress or pressure.

Here is how.

#1 Combine goals with constraints

I’ll double the size of my business while sleeping 8 hours every night and by spending not more than 3 days on my business.

#2 Be flexible

It’s ok if you achieve the above with 8 hours sleep and 3 days a week. But be flexible enough to do it at 7 hours sleep and 4 days a week.

#3 Get help

Don’t ever try to do it all yourself, get help whenever you can. You almost always can.

Try this, and achieve your goals easier than if you would if you did it without constraints, flexibility, and help.

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