Kill Meetings or They Will Kill Your Creativity and Profits

Meetings are the bane of a creator’s life.

If you are creating on side then know there are only reasons one should hold or be part of meetings.

1/ Do

2/ Bond

3/ Learn

4/ Decide

If not for the above, don’t be part of a meeting.

Ask your manager to reduce meetings because as per a recent study by Otter, an organization loses $25,000 per year for each employee due to avoidable meetings.

If they don’t pay attention and your work or job does not allow you to decline unnecessary meetings, then change it.

And work towards a life where you control how you spend your time.

Beware of meetings more if you are a woman because the study that I referenced above mentioned that women are less likely to decline an invitation to an unnecessary meeting than men.

If you run a business then create a culture when written notes are prioritized over lengthy useless meetings. It will help create a happy workspace and a productive and profitable business.

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