5 Benefits of Writing a Book

81% of Americans have wanted to write a book at one point.

I don’t have data for Indians who want to write a book, but I am sure based on first hand conversations that many of us want to write a book.

Most of us want to do it for prestige. But there are those who feel there is a book within us and hence want to write one.

Whatever the reason, as a published author of 2 well-received books I can say with confidence that writing a book is a rewarding experience.

What writing a book does for you?

Here are 5 not so common and uncommon reasons to write a book.

1/ A book gives you leverage to spread an idea and a brand far and wide.

2/ Being an author and writing a book is a fantastic intellectual exercise. 

3/ It brings clarity about the topic you write about, establishes credibility and builds your brand. 

4/ Writing a business or non-fiction book makes you an expert about the topic of your book because of the deep dive one has to take to write a good book.

5/ And, a good book works without you being there, to deliver your message with authority.

Hope these are reasons enough for you to put in work to turn your book writing dream into reality.

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