You’re Invisible Because You’re Not Sharing

And, not because lack of talent.

This won’t change until you start sharing.

I have already written about what to share on social media

You can use this same approach to sharing elsewhere.

Focus on being a net giver. Offer some value every time you post something.

Self promotion is ok at times. It does not always have to be direct. Because when you post anything your name goes with it.

You can be methodical about it and decide when to post and on which platform. 

But first start sharing.

Don’t worry about the medium. Think about the message first.

And, when you do share – do two types of sharing.

First type, where you have some space between when you come up with thoughts and when you share them. This allows you to build on initial thoughts.

And the second type, which is more spontaneous, like when you do a live interaction.

You can start with the first type and move to the next once you have gotten in groove with the first.

So, what is stopping you from sharing?

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