Invest and Grow

book_pileInvest in books to grow.

Invest what people spend on a restaurant dinner with friends or on a small weekend party. Buy 12 books, all at one go. This is ideal; because later you may be busy; may not get time or inclination to buy (online or offline); or simply not be motivated enough. Your commitment to your growth increases when you make an investment like this.

What books you should buy?

12 books — all-time best-sellers in your area of work; an entrepreneur can buy 2 comprehensive guides on her area of work; rest on branding, marketing, and selling. Do not include the current hits in this list. Buy 12 topical books.

I hear what you say – I am not the reading type. Solution is buying audio books. You can also read an e-book. Still, a printed book is the best option; because you can write takeaways in margins. This is important because of your objective – read to apply.

Buy and Read

Just to reiterate. Only buying will not do any magic. Read and apply and that is what will make the difference. Read one book every month for 12 months. Read with an objective to apply to whatever your area of work.

Simple thought but powerful.

How to read?

I have listed many ideas on how to read earlier. You may explore that.

To finish one book per month — you need to read 20 pages on an average per day. You may not be able to read 20 pages everyday but it is an average — some days you read 30-40 pages and on others 5-10. This way you will be able to finish a 200-250 page book with takeaways noted.  Do not put these notes aside — apply simultaneously. Today’s takeaways, apply tomorrow.

Ordinary or extraordinary?

Not many people do this — so get ready to be in the league for those who are not ordinary. If you are ok with ordinary — life, work, success — then no need to do this.

What will it do for you?

It will help you replicate success. This approach is called “going by the book” — you can innovate on top on this. But first build a solid foundation. Adapt to your situation and grow — faster and simpler than most.

If you are not sure about which books to read — just write to me (with what area you want to grow in your life or work – and I’ll be happy to share a list of 12 books — best as I know — for you. Guess that will help you make a beginning.

What have you invested in – for growth?

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