Increase Sales Without Selling… Here Is How!

Everyone wants to grow their business.

Almost no one wants to sell.

No doubt, sales can help grow a business fast.

But there are alternatives. Good ones.

One of them is identifying prospects and talking with them.

Do some profiling of your ideal customer.

And, then reach out to them for a friendly chat to learn about their work to glean insights for your own business.

Many will say yes if not everyone. Definitely many more than, when you reach out with a sales pitch.

Then talk to them one by one.

To begin, make a short list of questions you want to ask them.

Start by asking their story and their journey. Everyone wants to talk about themselves. So this will get them talking.

After this ask about their successes and struggles.

Then dive into areas that relate to what you do and find what’s working and what’s not in that area.

Keep building it this way. Refine what you ask based on your interactions.

By the time you are talking to the 10th or 15th person, you’ll be comfortable doing it and will find your groove.

In a year, aim to talk with 100 prospects. During the interaction at some point tell that you have a product or you’re building something that can help them. You can even solve some of their problems through your advice during your interaction. Then ask them if they are using something similar to what you sell. If they say yes. Ask them if they want to give your product a try. 25-30 should say yes, and if you just keep the interaction going you’ll get 10 people to buy what you make.

This process will work best if you sell high ticket products or services.

By doing this, without selling anything you will build a relationship, establishing your expertise, show that you care, and also get an opportunity to ask for help/show what you have and will build. And, some unexpected or surprising opportunities which you’ll only when you put it into action. One of my clients got invited by his prospect in front of her 2000 strong tribe.

Bit by bit you’ll build a castle, by helping others build big buildings.

How would you like that?

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