The Best Career Tip

Start creating.

Words, video, voice, all are fine.

The form does not matter.

Do it for yourself but do it publicly.

That i.e. publish what you create.

Don’t worry if no one sees what you make at first.

It’s a blessing in disguise because by the time people start noticing you would have built expertise and skill.

In the beginning, focus on doing it consistently and building the habit.

Another key thing. Don’t make it the only thing you do. 

Your creation should feed your work. And your work should feed your creation.

If you only create and do nothing else then you may start running on empty because you won’t have a lot to lean on – unless you choose to become a professional creator.

Do it long enough. 3 years is a minimum but it is more like 5-10 years.

It won’t be easy but the results will surprise you, even shock you.

And, you would have built an asset than only a few have.

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