3 Simple Ways To Increase Revenue and Profitability for Agency Founders

Here are three simple ways to increase revenue per customer and profitability:


Offer more than 2 options and no more than 3 options for whatever you sell. Make the options that you want to sell the middle option. Keep the pricing ratio for three options as 1:2:5. This helps with the psychology of customers who usually compare you with other providers if you only offer one price option. When you offer multiple price options, customers compare your price with your other price options. And the highest price option makes your other options smaller, making the customer want to choose one of them.


Offer a strategy or growth plan as the starting point of buying from you. This saves you from working on a free proposal and helps in setting expectations because you’ll document all you will do in this document leaving no room for confusion.


Charge a set up fee. Your sign up/set up fee can be even more than subsequent recurring payments if you can show the value you are offering is in multiples of what you are charging.

Hope this helps.

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