Want To Build and Grow a Startup? Make Sure You Have These 4 People.

  • Builder
  • Seller¬†
  • Operator
  • Distributor

These can be 4 different people or multiple roles rolled up into 1 or 2 people. All this depends on the stage of business.

So what do these people do?

  • Builder focuses on the product. Great if this person can design, code, and write words or make anything business will sell.
  • Seller focuses on customers.
  • Operator focus on operations, deliveries, etc
  • The distributor is the custodian of the brand, marketing, and growth. She makes sure that the wider world knows about you.

A founder can assume any or all roles, but she needs to sell their vision to the team and investors if she goes that route.

How can you use this in your startup?

Do you think you are missing someone, and bringing them on board will change how you do things at your startup?

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