The Content Graveyard Is Real, Here Is Your Way Out of It

As soon as you release a piece of content in the world, its death spiral into oblivion starts.

Usually, on Facebook, it lasts for five hours, Instagram for about 48 hours, on Twitter 18 minutes, on YouTube, it lasts for a week.

It means a big part of your audience does not see what you post, and you’d want most of them to see it.

For this reason, remix and re-release your content into the world regularly.

If Taylor Swift can do it, why can’t you as a content creator?

She is re-recording and releasing her old music, and creating a wave of interest in her work and her already massive brand.

When you take your content, from the content graveyard, and re-release it in the world, there are two wins you’ll see.

One, a bigger part of your audience will see it.

And two, you increase the odds of your success because one piece of content can change your life. You never know which piece of content that’ll be. And it does not matter if the content is old or new, the quality of what you put in and timing matters.

If the quality of your content wasn’t great when you released it first, improve the quality of production this time and see how it lands with your audience.

Start with your best-performing content so that it can increase your reach first, and then when the iron is hot, which means when people are engaging with your content, drop the improved version of the content that didn’t work the first time. 

If you do this often and consistently, you’ll win.

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