Importance of Brevity in the Age of Info Overload

People are making and spending more money year after year.

Of course, there are dips in between but trends on both counts are upward.

Still not every business is successful.

Because success is dependent on what you sell, who you sell it to, and how you sell.

There is a big lesson here for creators too, those who earn based on their skills and knowledge.

Coaches, YouTubers, authors and likes.

They all sell their knowledge in form of content in various forms, words, audio, and video.

Once they gain skills and expertise, they start going deep in terms of what they share.

In the name of being comprehensive they tend to become lengthy.

At times, instead of serving them it goes against them because people will think a lot before buying a 400 page book, but not so much beyond buying a 100+ page, manifesto like book.

Same about watching an 8 minutes video over 30 minutes one.

The idea is not to give shallow information and not giving value.

Instead, to win in this age of info overload should condense the knowledge you want to give in a 30 minutes video, into an 8-minute video by removing all fluff and only keeping the essentials.

And, do the same in case of a book and write a 120-page book which is denser and still simple to understand, giving more value than a 500-page book or offering the same value in fewer pages and time.

You can win with this focus on brevity because not everyone wants to take time and give thoughts to condense the knowledge and information

Hope you’ll give it a try.

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