19 Ideas That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren’t

Life changing ideas
  1. Fear regret more than failure
  2. 1% better every day makes you 3700% (37 times) better in a year
  3. Take care of your body and mind before anything else
  4. When seeking wealth build assets that can earn
  5. Nature has been here longer than all of us, and we can’t outsmart it
  6. Silence is also a type of communication
  7. A little stress never killed anybody, such stress combined with rest brings growth
  8. 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts
  9. People can be anchors or wings, choose them carefully
  10. Altering your posture can alter your state of mind
  11. By reading you get new ideas into your head
  12. When you write you learn to synthesize and create new thoughts
  13. Sharing your thoughts online is leadership at scale
  14. Emotions like envy and anger hurt the person with these emotions the most
  15. We are more than our accomplishments, two might not even be the same
  16. Don’t make anyone feel the way you don’t want to feel yourself
  17. Appreciate your elders because you are reaching there soon
  18. Selling is underrated and it is not something only salespeople do
  19. You can be your biggest enemy or best friend

What idea will you add to these?

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