8 Not-So Uncommon Ideas To Promote an Agency Business

1/ Host an event on a theme related to your core offerings, and invite top-notch non-competitive speakers and your potential customers to the event. Use this opportunity to your agency’s capabilities, build relationships, and land pitch meetings with these prospects.

2/ Create a podcast featuring interviews with industry experts and share valuable insights and advice. Promote this podcast among your potential customers.

3/ Offer a free audit for businesses and use the results to demonstrate the value of your agency’s services. As part of this audit, you can also analyze a company’s current efforts and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. When doing this, offer to work with you as the next logical step.

4/ Send out a newsletter that provides helpful tips and tools for your potential prospects and invite them briefly to get in touch with you if they need services like the ones you offer.

5/ Host a “Masterclass” event that shows how to solve one of the big problems clients face. In the end, offer to solve this problem for those who tune in for a fee.

6/ Write a book that shares your expertise and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. I did this when I wrote “The Digital Marketing Handbook,” and it worked well to establish my brand and helped win new business for my agency.

7/ Offer a referral program to encourage existing clients to refer those they know to your agency.

8/ Speak at important events and conferences in your industry to gain the attention of potential clients and meet them.

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