Seek Ideal Life, Before Financial Freedom

Many of us want to be financially independent.

But it takes a long time to reach there.

When you save 40% of your income, it will take 22 years to be financially free.

At a 50% saving rate, it will take 17 years. 

With a 30% saving rate, you will be working for 28 years before you are financially free.

Achieving a high saving rate like that takes effort, cost-cutting, and sacrifices.

This approach results in a great outcome, but when following this path, we sell our present for a better future.

Is there a better way?

Yes. There is another approach where you enjoy life and still be financially free in the long run.

For this to happen, first reach a point where you are living your ideal lifestyle, even when you are not financially free yet.

When you are living your ideal life and doing the work you want to do, you are happier than when you are mindlessly pursuing the long goal of financial freedom.

It does not take much apart from thinking and commitment and choosing to make your financial freedom runway a little longer maybe by a couple of years which is the time it will take you to reach your ideal lifestyle.

This is a great approach because, in it, you achieve the ultimate outcome without pushing yourself too much.


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