How To Humanize Your Writing, and Make Sure It Does Not Read Like a Robot Wrote It

The whole day, day after day, we write and read stuff as professionals.

Inside our inboxes, on the web, some out of curiosity, and some out of compulsion.

Making sure that people read what we write and not be bored to death is a big win.

Here is how you can humanize your writing and make sure people read your entire message and not just skim it.

  1. Remove any filter. So write as if no one will be reading it. You can come back to edit but at first, write whatever comes to your mind without worrying about who’ll read it.
  2. Don’t worry about grammar too much. It is ok to end a sentence with a preposition or start one with “And.”
  3. Be direct and brief when you. Edits can help with it.
  4. Use analogies or anecdotes, share your experience, and your writing will become instantly engaging. For example, I once wrote a series of articles on digital marketing. They started with a personal story. Here is one of them. The engagement was evident from 800+ comments.
  5. Talk into Google voice notes or Both of these transcribe what you say. We always talk more naturally than we write. This way, your writing appears as you talk.
  6. Read writers who bring their personality into their writing. Then model them and try to write like them.

What else will you add to this?

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