How to Rest Well

Rest is important for renewal and recovery.

Most of us think of rest as lying down in bed, sleeping, or binging on Netflix.

But if you want to rest well and deep then consider the following types of rest for your next R&R (rest and recuperation).

Be device free.

Practice silence.

Get some alone time.

Order food instead of cooking it.

Give the body a break by fasting.

Have permission to be not available.

Give your responsibility at home and work, to someone else.

Do something ‘unproductive’ like sitting on your porch and watch the sun go down.

Connect with nature to be whole again, and to understand that we are smaller than we think.

Get off from thinking train. There are 2 ways to go about. Do something immersive or meditate.

I hope you will try these in addition to sleeping and lying down and give your body and mind the deep rest they crave for.

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