How to Create a Website for Your Business In 2 Simple Steps.

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It helps if you have you a website.

Not in idea phase but after you have validated your idea and you are getting your product ready.

How to Create a Website.

To create a website, you need information and a way to present information.

Information is presented on pages you have on your website.

Content for Your Website.

Before you start thinking about technology, think about what you want to present through your website. So it is important that you  get the content ready. Use content that you wrote for product specs. At least these 3 pages should be there.

  • About  – Write what your business will do and you can also write about your team.
  • Product/Services  – Write what services or products your business will offer.
  • Contact Us  – Write where people can contact you – address (not always required, a contact form will do) and a contact number. You can use a service like  Grasshopper  to get a toll free number.

Once done with the basic content, pick a technology platform for your website.

Website Development

To create a website, there are two solutions that I recommend.

WordPress (I have a long experience of using this, and can’t recommend it enough, It should not cost you no more than $15 – 100 for a year to make your website on this platform.).

SquareSpace (I have not used it personally but have heard good things about it)

Add the content you created earlier to your website (built with one of the platforms shared above) and you will be ready to show it to the world.

As you continue building your business, you can add pages like clients and testimonials.

Action for today: Create basic content ready and decide which platform you will use.

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