Get Attention, Give Value, Build Trust and Grow Your Business.

Getting somebody’s attention is tough.

But you know what is tougher: keeping that attention.

So after getting their attention – whichever way – by way of running an ad, or speaking on someone’s webinar, or just because you are someone important in their eyes – provide value.

What does providing value mean?

It means helping others by way of your content.

Think of who you are serving, who your ideal customer is and then help them through your content.

Share short and actionable tips often.

Once in a while share in-depth long form content.

If you are an financial coach, you can share tips like:

  • 6 steps you can take to secure your financial future
  • What to keep in your digital financial safety wallet
  • How to automate your way to financial independence

So keep it focused on your customers and their needs and not on what you sell, and people will pay attention to what you say, you’ll build credibility, and many those who pay attention will pay you.

Hope you’ll try this approach.

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