Give Your Less Time To Do Things, and Expand Your Life in the Process

Work expands to fill the available time.

If you have 10 days to finish a project, it will take 10 days.

For the same project, if you give yourself a month, it will take a month.

So to get more out of life, give yourself tight deadlines.

Deadlines with consequences work even better. Do you remember getting a project done in school overnight because if you submitted it the next day, you would have failed?

Want to do this with habits, add a self-imposed punishment if you didn’t do something by a particular date.

I have tried it for both small and big projects.

I put together the first draft of a 400-page book (The Digital Marketing Handbook, my 2nd book) in a little over a month.

It seemed impossible before I started. But I had a looming deadline to deliver a published book and a commitment to pay if I delivered on time. 

Curious how I did it? Then check out this post of How I Completed The Draft of A 400 Pages Book in One Month.

Think of the areas in your life, where you can apply this.

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