Gift of Presence

I have one rule in life.

When my nieces want to talk to me, I drop everything else and talk to them.

Never later, never tomorrow. For them, it is now.

I want them to know that I am never busy for them, and nothing else is ahead of them. I am there when they need me.

Because the only gift I can give them is the gift of presence.

I want to be in a place where I can give this same gift of presence to others who are close to me. I try to but I am not always successful.

We should try to do it because when we give the gift of being 100% present, we also get it back. We get something that lasts beyond those moments of presence. The gift of a strong bond and understanding.

It does not take much. Just some planning and intent to do it.

Planning our days, work, and chores in a way that we find the moments to be together with those who matter. Moments when we don’t have to look at our watch, phone, wall, or in ether.

Hope you’ll give it a shot.

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