Content Nodes

Creators face this dilemma when beginning their creation journey.

Whether to start creating on YouTube or write blogs.

And wonder whether to be active on Instagram, or on this new platform that’s coming up.

You can get rid of this dilemma.

To do that build content nodes, one that feeds another.

And, don’t rush to move from one platform to another.

You can do long form to short form, or short form to long form.

Turn a long blog post into a script for 5 YouTube videos or 100 tweets.

Or make a content hub on your website by using 10 YouTube videos.

It helps to plan ahead. Because if you plan to make a content hub out of your videos then it makes sense to have those videos based on a single theme.

Once you build a content node on one platform and have some momentum there, move to the next platform.

And, never worry about a platform owning your content. But keep a back up.

So, if a platform goes away, you can quickly move with your content to a new platform.

And, continue creating because a platform can go away but your learning and talent remains.

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