Think Twice Before Launching a New Product or Project

It is exciting to work on different projects,

Launch different courses as a coach,

Run an agency business with different offerings, or

Launch different products in your business as a founder.

But it’s not efficient or profitable because you need to spend time, money, and most importantly attention on each product, course, service, or project you start.

Each product, service, or course you launch needs its own investments, marketing, operation, audience building, and sales. You also need to improve the product. For that, you need new learning which takes time and resources.

It is tough to build even one successful product. And if you launch a new one before seeing success with an existing product, you’ll not be able to pay enough attention to each and deploy optimum resources for both.

So don’t jump from project to project because you’ll end up dividing your time and effort, and find it hard to see the success that is possible with intense focus.

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