Experiment Your Way to Success

Experimentation is a sure-shot way to learn, grow and succeed.

If you do it enough.

If you do it often.

If you do it deliberately.

When you commit to experimentation and build a mindset of what Marie Forleo calls ‘everything is figureoutable’, you eliminate one of the biggest hurdles in the way of success, which is inaction.

When you experiment you test if what you are thinking is right or wrong. You attempt something you have not done before and find your way around something you don’t know.

For example, if you don’t know how ads on Facebook work. One way is to live with this feeling of not knowing and not being in control. Another way is to put aside a budget to experiment with Facebook ads every day for a month to see what works and what does not. When you do that by the end of the first month, you’d be far more knowledgeable and experienced than you were at the beginning of the month.

All experiments and attempts are not equal. It is smart to make small bets. This way you fail fast, fail small, win small, and grow.

And, once in a while when you have a cushion to take the risk when you have some success under your belt as a back, you can play high stake games. In those situations, prepare a lot and bring those who’ve done similar experiments in the past, by your side. And you learn more and grow faster.

Happy experimenting!

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