Power of Focus and Accountability

It is a powerful combo.

Focus makes sure that your mental and physical energy is not wasted in going after 20 different things. 

Here is how focus works.

Imagine having a long list of goals, say 15-20 goals. Now going after 10-15 goals in a month is overkill.

But you can definitely go after 15 goals in a year, even do 30 or more in a new year.

It’s simple. 

At the beginning of each month, set yourself 3 goals to complete. Tackle each of those during three weeks, giving yourself one week for each goal, without worrying about the other two goals.

Now do that every month and by the end of the year, you would have ticked off more than 30 small goals or action items off your list.

It is much easier than looking at a long list of goals and getting overwhelmed.

Not everyone is disciplined enough to complete what they set out to do. That’s where accountability helps.

When you find someone who is pursuing similar goals, you can keep each other on track by asking and reporting how you are doing with your goals.

Without accountability, most will find it tough to finish what they started. With it, many will go past the finish line.

So leverage power of focus and accountability, and experience growth in areas where you could not move forward for a long time.

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