Find Out What You Like First Before You Go Deep

Nothing is more harmful professionally than becoming good at what you don’t like doing. It causes significant pain too.

Most people who are in a job experience this. But don’t think that entrepreneurs are free from this.

It is common for entrepreneurs to run a business that is a pain in their ass. They realize it quite early during the first 1-2 years of their entrepreneurial journey and even then they continue with the drudergy because they are either too lazy or scared to try out something new.

It is a sign of a fixed mindset and thinking you can’t do anything else.

This is scary. Because if you get good at what you don’t like you’ll inflict pain on yourself and never experience true effortless growth.

If you think it is not too late for you, which it probably isn’t – find out something that you like. You don’t even have to change professions for it. You can do something different in the same space first, without risking what you have.

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