Be Happy if You Are Facing Challenges as an Entrepreneur

Because realizing that you are facing a challenge is the first step towards fixing it.

This is nothing to run away from or feel about.

Just make a plan to tackle your challenges, and execute on it.

And if you are already taking action to win over your challenges, then don’t worry if you feel that you are making any progress. Because even, at times you’ll take one step backward and two steps forward, you eventually move one step forward.

When assessing progress, just make sure that you are getting 1% better every week or every other week. To come to this percentage set metrics related to your goals wherever you can. If you manage to get 1% better every week, you end up 51% better in 1 year.

If you are growing and improving at this pace, all good. 

If not, get help, and course-correct so that you can get on the path to improvement.

And, it is ok if you feel ‘not in control’ at times because before you achieve mastery there is discomfort.

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