Don’t Sell, Solve Problems

What is the biggest challenge for an entrepreneur who has yet not made it?

Lack of new business.

Are you facing this challenge of low or no business?

If so, what if I told you there was an approach that can get you business in droves.

This solution is to stop selling what you make.

Instead, sell solutions to the problems your customers have.

Instead of selling digital marketing strategy, or web design or software development or consulting, or architecture – sell how these will solve a problem for the customer.

And if what you are selling is high priced or needs a monthly payment then show how what you are selling will help the buyer gain multiples in return.

This approach to selling which is also known as ‘value-based selling’ can take some time to practice. But once you get the hang of it your win rate will take a big jump.

Give it a shot.

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