Dealing With Expectations

When people reach out asking for help I share what I think is the best advice for them.

Most of the advice I give is the advice I give to myself i.e. don’t slack, stay focused, make a plan and put it into action.

I also suggest looking at life is a series of experiments, where you apply what you know and elevate yourself a little every day.

Doing this needs commitment and consistent effort. 

And, most people (who reach out for help) want the easy way out like getting recommendations without matching skill sets or experience.

That’s why not everyone who seeks advice sticks. Most fizzle out.

It frustrates me but not so much as it did earlier. Frustration went down once I realized that such behavior is human. Wanting to grow and not wanting to work.

I do that sometimes.

I also tell myself that I was a different person four years ago. Heck, I was a different person even four months ago. My thoughts, appearance, daily actions four months ago were different than now, even only a little bit.

I can only try to do what I think is right. If others keep their end of the bargain it’s ok. If not, I know they are human.

I am curious to know how you deal with times when others behave differently than what you expect them to? Write or tweet me.

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